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When you apply for a mortgage you are pretty much trusting your mortgage loan originator with your future. There are banks, brokers and lenders who do mortgage loans. The mortgage lenders are most equipped and capable out of all.

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First-time homebuyers often feel unprepared for ownership

When you think about it, those in the industry often don't do a great job in explaining aspects of homeownership not in their purview For some it seems like a no-brainer. Renting a home feels like throwing money away, offering no sense of ownership whatsoever. Buying...

What to look for in a credit repair company

You’re ready to buy a home and just met with your lender. You already know there may be some issues you have to deal with before making offers, including documenting income, showing cash reserves, etc. You also know you behaved less than perfectly with credit cards...

Using Instagram to draw homebuyer interest

Using Instagram to draw homebuyer interest You're seeing it all over Facebook. Your Realtor friends are posting friendly little glimpses of a home they are trying to sell, inviting you to their next open house. But what if you are selling your house and you want to...

Creative ways to use unused space in your home

When you bought the place, it was a blissful move up to a larger home, where all your kids had their own rooms, and there was no fighting over who got the bathroom. But what about the newly vacant nest? Just when you got the house paid off you discovered missing your...

Between a rock and a hard spot: solid surface countertops that aren’t granite

Solid surface countertops. They no doubt started long ago, when cavemen laid large flat stones on a raised surface to make tools. Of course, back then, maintenance and cleanliness were not big concerns. For some time now, the most popular solid surface countertops...