When you bought the place, it was a blissful move up to a larger home, where all your kids had their own rooms, and there was no fighting over who got the bathroom.

But what about the newly vacant nest? Just when you got the house paid off you discovered missing your kids (or celebrating their newfound independence) left you with a lot of rooms that have no real purpose anymore. Here are some ideas for feathering your now empty nest for the next stage in your life:

  • Home gyms are among the most popular ways to use extra space. Your 10-second commute to this new room will find you canceling gym memberships and saving money in the long run. If you have some workout machines at home, transform your spare room into a gym. Even if you just buy some weights, a yoga mat, and other inexpensive equipment, you can turn your unused room into something useful.
  • A playroom can come in handy if you have entered “grandparentville.” No need to trip over toys or mess up the well-kept living room. Paint the walls with chalkboard paint so they can write on the walls, store all of their toys in the room, and allow them to play. They’ll love a space of their own, and you’ll love not having a mess all over the house.
  • What about a place just to chill all on your own? Sound pretty good to escape the craziness of the day and creating a contemplation room. Decorate it in colors that are easy on the eye — whites, and beiges — with comfortable furniture, throw pillows, and blankets. All designed to clear your head, meditate, and relax.
  • Just because you’re no Harry Potter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own library. For the bookworm in you, install bookshelves to the ceiling, add comfortable, sophisticated places to sit, and throw in cozy area rugs to make a comfy and inviting space. Ah — your favorite book, a cup of tea, and candles.
  • What about that home theater you always wanted? Just because the room isn’t huge doesn’t mean you can’t plant a few recliners in it, shove them against a far wall, and put up a big screen. You may even want to invest in a theater-style popcorn popper.

Source: TBWS